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You know you’re algerian when…

Posted on: november 17, 2007

1.You can’t stand up straight. You have to lean against something, whether it be a car or a wall.
2.You’re not REALLY Arab. Your ancestors are a mixture of: Turkish, Berber, Spanish, German, French, Arab, and in certain circumstances black.
3.Your job in America is never a liquor store or a 7 eleven, but rather a coffee shop, or a restaurant.
4.You think you can speak Arabic but no one that really speaks Arabic ever knows what the hell you’re trying to say
5.You distinguish how ”Algerian” someone is by listening to their accents and the best part of Algeria is always where you’re from, even if its not the truth.
6.guys belly dance like women and women belly dance like crazy! don’t listen to Rai Music until you move to a foreign country
8.As soon as someone leaves, you start talking about them. Good or bad..
9.You’re conversations are always about someone…you can never mind your own business.
10.You’re really hungry for a peek at your next door neighbor’s tax returns.
11.Your refer to your dad’s friends as 3amoo!
12.the guys only wear Adidas athletic wear
13.You hug and kiss relatives you have never seen before in your life. love to say the word, ”AYWAH!”for men and ”eyeh ya lala” 4 women
15.Mohammad is moh, and if theres two, you distinguish them as Mohammad lakbeer and mohammad alsgheer never call your friends unless it is for your interest.
17.your wife must cook three times a day and one plate of food is not considered a meal
18.You are always mistakened for being European, even if you’re dark skinned.
19.helwa is candy, chaba is pretty, shadi is monkey, and rohe is go. love to hang out at coffee shops and just talk about passers by.
21.You last name is most likely to begin when a Ben followed by the weirdest word anyone’s ever heard.
22.if you’re a female, you name is most likely to end with an A.
23.if you’re from the capitol, you’ve probably never seen the Sahara Desert can speak two or more languages
25.Everyone thinks you eat couscous everyday
26.Elegant eating is eating with only two fingers…
27.Every Algerian knows every family in the entire nation of Algeria, and some how you always know a specific story about them and almost all the time it is a bad one
28.During a wedding, all the young single people are checking each other out
29.we have funny names like QWEDER, and AL EID
30.When Algerian women get together, they all compete in ”Who has got the loudest voice?”
31.Algerians have have an exclusive swearing vocabulary ranging from mleqta, ke lajreb, to jahsha, tha3leb.
32.Food is the most important part of your day love the beach… are very outgoing and open to other cultures.. cry when you watch The Battle of Algiers
36. couscous to algerians is not like rice to asians, that would be bread.
37. shawarma sandwiches are the new fashion
38. . When it comes to Islam, it’s either represent or die.
39. you have too much pride to take something for free.
40. old grandma’s go to the masjid to find their sons wives.
41. school is not cool but you do well anyway.
42. . You are judgemental about every ethnic group except for yours.
43. Your’re probably the most hardheaded out of all other Arabs.
44. You respect your parents no matter what.
45. Your parents are most likely to be educated even if they don’t have a professional job.
46. you can’t accept the fact to let your wife work.(the guys)
47. Algerian guys are mistakened for italians in many cases.
48. You’ve never seen a camel, unless it was outside of Algeria.
49. Qole (say) is pronounced Qole, gole, ole, depending where your from.
50. girls are taught to lower their voices.
51. Girls do all the house cleaning and boys do whatever’s out of the house.
52. You even Algerianized the english language. i.e ”rohe hateha in the kitchen” ”movee al car” ”tryeeya”
53. people always mistaken where you’re from for Nigeria or Albania.
54. You’re standing next to the largest suitcases in the airport
55. You can’t live without visiting Algeria…and would die to go back…


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thanks most of these are true but some not
anyway you have forgot that Algerian people never accept the Humiliation and injustice and they like to Sacrifice for their country and families
i m algerian by the way 😉

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lol so true , by the way u forget that all algerians are in love with Hammoud and Carantita

LOL. this is so true, well most of it is anyway.

Reblogged this on 365 days of Summer..

so true* i laughed all the time i waw reading

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i loved it because some where very true xxx especially the last one Thanx


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